You Were Born to Be a Christ But You Were Taught You Are a Sinner

Awaken to Who You Really Are

This Book is About You!
It is about your search for Truth and your reason for being. We all have personal challenges in our lives. As a nation and a world, we are facing unprecedented times. Only the fire of God can resolve these issues.

And that Fire is within YOU!

Very Few Live to Their Fullest Potential!
The Divine spark within you is your potential to realize and become the Christ, which is your true identity as a son or daughter of God. It matters not what term you use or what spiritual path you may follow, if any. It is time to step into a larger dimension of yourself and bring forth that part of you that was made in the image and likeness of God, I AM—that part that is uniquely you, has a specific purpose and is powerful beyond measure.

We Are Amid a Great Awakening!
It began with the incarnation of Jesus, the living embodiment of Christ, the Son of God. He came to earth to re-awaken us to who we really are—sons and daughters of God who are also meant to do the same. He invited us to follow in his footsteps, not as a puppy follows his master, but to become as he is. He told us that the kingdom of heaven is within us and that we could do even greater things than he did.

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About the Author

In 2008, I retired from my job as Manager of an inbound call center and my husband and I established our second home in beautiful Ecuador, South America, where we spend most of our time. It is from this beautiful, serene home in the mountains that we are able to extend our reach and continue our life’s work of helping others rediscover who they really are and to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

I have three wonderful sons and two grandsons. Here in Ecuador, we have a charming home-away-from-home, abundant nature, and two adorable cats.
One early experience stands out for me that “set the sail” for my life’s work. My grade school class was given an assignment to turn in any three wishes if we could have anything at all. I thought seriously of how to word my wishes so they reflected the life I believed was possible.

My vision, then and now, of a Golden Age:

  1. All Men know God
  2. Everyone has perfect health
  3. There is peace on earth

I have lived through almost joining a convent as a teenager, a divorce, and my brother’s murder, all of which have taught me important lessons about overcoming and were powerful catalysts in my spiritual growth.

My experience for over 30 years includes one-on-one coaching/counseling, teaching Hatha yoga, leadership skills and self-empowering principles and their practical application in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts in 1999, something that began many years before. In the Fall of 1998, I attended the Washington Semester program at American University in Washington, D.C. on Peace and Conflict Resolution.
There I was—a student older than the professor and with students younger than my three sons!

Nevertheless, it was one of the richest experiences of my life. Their vitality and idealism were complemented by my maturity and experience. We all gained incredibly from our time together.

We studied the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For three weeks we traveled to Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and to Egypt. We met with and interviewed leaders, citizens and students on both sides of the conflict and learned first-hand their problems and hopes and dreams for a peaceful future.

NANCY SHOWALTER  is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Host of “Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect” Podcast, and Founder of Quantum Life Academy. Her B.A. degree is from Western Illinois University with a concentration is Peace and Conflict Resolution.

You Were Born to Be a Christ But You Were Taught You Are a Sinner

Awaken to Who You Really Are

The Assignment

An assignment from Spirit to write this book; problems the world is facing

The Great Awakening

Began with incarnation of Jesus Christ; shed the label of sinner and claim your spiritual destiny

Step Into a Larger Dimension of Yourself

The Great I AM of God is your Source; spiritual perspectives on transgenderism and homosexuality; your “spiritual anatomy”

You in the Physical World

Your Soul has four “lower” bodies when on earth; seven chakras; your heart is the key; meditation

Your Purpose on Earth

You are a co-creator with God who has been given dominion over the earth. Purpose is to reunite with God in the ascension;

Is Reincarnation in the Bible?

The 3 Primary Universal Laws: Free Will; Vibration; Cause and Effect

Your Words Have the Power to Heal and to Destroy

Experiments on sounds impact on matter; I AM affirmations and decrees; the Violet Flame that transmutes energy

A Glimpse Beyond this Physical World

Learning the 33 etheric levels and the 33 astral levels; near-death experiences

Three Kingdoms in the Heaven World

Three kingdoms in God’s heaven; Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters; requirements for the ascension; meet some of the ascended masters

Visit Spiritual Retreats on the Etheric Plane

How to visit spiritual retreats on the etheric plane and where they are

Is There Evil in Our World?

Is evil real? How to protect yourself from negative energies; Why is there evil if there is only God who is good?

Manifesting the Golden Age

The Aquarian Age is meant to be a Golden Age; Quotes from masters telling us how to manifest a golden age


Time for action; make a decision; steps to take

You Were Born to Be a Christ But You Were Taught You Are a Sinner

Awaken to Who You Really Are

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