“Every so often you come across a book that fits into the current times. We know at some point we have to stop and take a serious look at our mental, emotional, and most importantly, our spiritual beliefs in order to navigate so many challenges. Nancy has done an excellent job of putting together a valuable spiritual narrative. I highly recommend this book and thoroughly enjoyed it myself.” International NY Times best-selling author Dannion Brinkley

“Nancy has written a most compelling case for each of us to claim Christ as our reality. She blends esoteric teachings with practical applications using the examples of those who have gone before us. She has packed much wisdom in an easy-to-read book. When you have completed her recommended exercises you will have set yourself to the goal stated in her title, You Are Born to Be a Christ.” Carolyn Hanstke, Psychologist and co-author of Why We do What We Do

“Nancy Showalter’s book, You Were Born to be a Christ is a great resource for all who are interested in making spiritual progress and is essential for all spiritual seekers. It provides thorough coverage of the most important aspects of the Ascended Masters’ I AM teachings using easy-to-read language. She discusses the importance of meditation along with examples. I love this book because it filled the gaps I had in my own spiritual understanding!

“Congratulations, Nancy, on providing readers with such a well-written explanation of the key points we all need to know on the path to our spiritual destiny.”

C. David Lundberg, author of Unifying Truths of the World's Religions and Our Magnificent Afterlife

“Reading this book was akin to a journey deep into myself, rediscovering what I feel is ancient knowledge that has been brought into the light again. It seems to come from a place where it had been buried deep, for a long, long time.

“I feel lighter after having read the words and find myself going back several times to certain paragraphs, almost as though I am holding on to not lose the ancient knowledge I rediscovered.

“This journey inward becomes a light ‘tap’ to remind me that I chose to be here in this time and this space. Ultimately, we are children of the Divine and as such are meant to out-picture that Divinity and be living examples of the Christ Consciousness that was lovingly and beautifully demonstrated for us by Jesus through His life and teachings.

“Nancy writes in an easy conversational tone that has made this book easy to read and follow, and above all, easy to remember.”

Lynne Falconer, Life Coach and author of “Who AM I?: Find Greater Success with Self-Knowledge.”

You Were Born to Be a Christ But You Were Taught You Are a Sinner

Awaken to Who You Really Are

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